About Altea (Alicante)

Altea is one of the most beautiful and sustainable towns in Spain. Its Old Town and its viewing points are enormously known for their charm. Many of its streets are paved and walking through them you can see a large number of restaurants and hotels. The Plaza de la Iglesia, the church square, is the heart of Altea, an authentic center of leisure and culture, especially in summer.

The seafront has no waste. We will enjoy beautiful beaches of boulders, much quieter than sandy beaches and without difficulty to go with children, as romantic destinations or as you wish, where you can practice all kinds of water sports such as swimming, sailing, fishing, snorkeling … And much more.

If you feel like hiking or any other sport, you also have a wide range of options, since nature gives these charming places mountains such as the Sierra de Bernia or the Natural Park of Sierra Helada.


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